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Carbon Managment Incorporated™ (CMI)

CMI provides business strategy and funding sources for small to midsize green technology companies. CMI's partners have been in business since 1985, and with a combined business experience of over 200 years, Carbon Management Incorporated (CMI), is the result of a perfect storm of opportunity, in the "Green Technology Industry". CMI is a combination of world leaders, experienced business experts from the clean technology sector, sales and marketing professionals, and several specific, private equity, funding organizations. Together, we offer a complete package for small to medium technology companies. We are not a venture capital company!!! Although, we do offer many of the positive opportunities of a VC company, without danger of you losing control of your intellectual property. Take a look through our site and form your own opinion. We're here to help, and have several mutually beneficial and agreeable partnerships already in place.

Green Technology Venture Partners
At CMI, we focus on investing in emerging private companies that have a "green" technology component, at a stage where technology risk is expected to be limited and capital needs are increasing.
We define GreenTech to include all technologies that are designed to reduce the environmental impact of human activity. This includes technologies that produce energy from renewable sources, reduce energy consumption, or reduce emissions associated with traditional energy sources.

Investment Opportunities
Green technologies represent a large and growing market. Global Greentech venture capital investments totaled $6.5 billion in 2007 and are expected to increase to $7 billion in 2008, with nearly 500 venture-backed GreenTech startups formed since 2004.¹ The rapid growth in Greentech investment is a result of several global trends that have converged in recent years: high and volatile energy prices; concerns about climate change and energy security; government support at all levels; population growth; and rapid technology innovation. These trends, which we expect to remain in place or to strengthen over the next decade and beyond, are shaping significant market opportunities and favorable regulatory policy throughout the world. They are also creating a substantial need for capital in the late-stage venture segment of the Greentech sector. Combine this with the Obama stimulus package and there will be over $50 billion spent on Greentech in the next 5 years. We are experts in defining and marketing these technologies, and securing this funding.
The areas we have identified for potential investments include: renewable power generation (e.g. solar, wind, biomass, geothermal), bio-fuels, green building materials and systems, transportation efficiency, agricultural and industrial biotechnology, residential and commercial energy efficiency, emissions control, energy storage and other emerging technologies. All of these opportunities fit into one of four major categories: electricity generation, fuels and food production, energy efficiency, and enabling technologies.

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